The Food Literacy Project: Farm-to-table education for life

The Food Literacy Project is a long-term project that fulfills many of our own goals, inspiring a new generation to build healthy relationships with food, farming, and the land. The Food Literacy Project impacts the lives of local children through activity-based learning and an appreciation of our unique relationship with the outdoors.

Since its foundation in 2006, The Food Literacy Project at Oxmoor Farm has created education experiences for over 25,000 local youth and families, growing and cooking fresh vegetables on its eight-acre vegetable farm. Its education program targets low-income youth, many of whom face increased risk of nutrition-related ill health due to inactivity and diet.

The journey food goes on to get to dinner tables is worthy of exploration, and the Food Literacy Project creates skills and appreciation that will last its students a lifetime. Few young people get the chance to learn about where their food comes from and how it is produced, so the Food Literacy Project’s mission aligns perfectly with our own.

Our initial investment in the Food Literacy Project helped lay the groundwork for developing its outdoor classroom site and its curriculum. The Norton Foundation’s dedication to quality, life-changing learning experiences that instill youth with the character, confidence, and compassion to contribute meaningfully to their community makes this work possible.

Few partnerships have given us such satisfaction. We remain proud supporters of the Food Literacy Project.